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Brian, thank you for helping me get my Facebook account back. and Thank you for showing me how to not mess up my account. You\'re a lifesaver!

Tanya R
Social media services 

2017-10-23 01:14:58

Brian was quick with his repairs and took the time to educate me as to what happened. Prices are very fair. We appreciate you here in Graham! You better not leave any time soon. We all need you and your skills. Thank You.

Randall C.
Computer repair 

2017-09-10 22:58:46

Had a power surge take out my computer and could not get it to come on for nothing. Took it to Brian and got back a totally new computer, the surge seized up my hard drive, he replaced it and installed new software and gave it new life. Can\\\'t say enough about how good and quick BWN Computer Servie is. Brian knows his stuff, thanks again and if anyone in Breckenridge needs good, fast service, it is worth the drive to take your computer to BWN!

Doug Smith
Computer repair 

2017-04-09 16:41:49

Took a computer which could not recognized any USB device except a keyboard and a mouse !Brian solved the problem, installed software I needed and got me working again much quicker than I would have thought and for a VERY reasonable fee.I would recommend Brian highly and when ( not if ! ) I have a problem again, I know who I will call.

Computer repair 

2017-02-15 18:33:02

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for quickly getting things back on track at my business. I appreciate you taking your evening to come down and work so that I wouldn\\\'t be closed tomorrow. That means the world to us. Thank you!

Dean Osterman
Business services 

2016-12-21 02:29:02

We had a recent ransom attack at our business location that locked us out of our files. Brian was very helpful in getting our computers cleaned out. He went above and beyond in getting our data recovered. We are glad to have you here in Graham! Thank you so much for all of your help.

Jerry Shapple
Business services 

2016-12-04 23:23:00

What more can I say...I brought in my laptop that wouldn\\\'t even start anymore and had it back the next day working better than ever! Brian...you are a life saver! You get my recommendation!

Vera Woodson
Computer repair 

2016-11-22 02:53:51

Do so appreciate your fixing my desk top computer, your promptness and your patience. Thank you!

Reba Schlittler
Computer repair 

2016-11-05 01:00:03

I wanted to say thank you to Brian for his quick response in helping my company out with a virus issue. We have multiple locations connected via the web and a ransome ware virus appeared on my computer. He quickly told me what needed to be done to minimize the potential harm. I followed his advice and brought my computer to him and everything was handled. Brian was kind enough to elevate the priority level of our situation since it could have easily spread to every computer in our organization.

Bryan N
Business services 

2016-09-01 17:44:53

You came to my rescue again! You saved my MacBook Air and did it in a timely and efficient manner. You took the time to explain what you did and how you \\\"undid\\\" what I did to cause the problem. Thank you every so much. I will be pleased to recommend your computer service.

Dell Cannon
Computer repair 

2016-04-20 20:23:44

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